Rain, rain, rain and a new lawnmower

It’s that kind of day – wet and windy and sort of miserable compared to the beautiful week we’ve had. So no working in the garden. Can’t do much anyway because the van is gone and it has all my cardboard in it, and I can’t go pick up bales of peat moss  with the car.

But I can thin out my tomato sprouts and figure out what else I should be getting started in the house to plant when the time comes.

Out in the garage:

Our new mower! Not exactly new, in fact it’s at least as old as the last one, but it doesn’t have the baggage of years of frustration to go with it. I have decided I’m going to like it, and take good care of it so it will last a long time. It’s almost kind of cute.

Same kind of engine as the last one, except this one is 18hp with a 46 inch deck, so a bit stronger and wider than the old one. Automatic. Pretty much identical to the old one in every other way.

We struggled for a long time if we should spend the money on a used one, or twice as much money for a new one with fewer features than we wanted – but at least it would be new and have a warranty. That’s why I spent yesterday driving around looking for Sears refurb models, and visiting the local tractor dealer to check out their deals. The van breaking down sort of pushed us to do the cheapest thing we could get away with for the time being. This one came from a guy who repairs mowers on the side and resells them, he’s a friend of a friend, so they recommended we go see what he had, and this one looked good and had all the features we wanted. Either way, we had to get one soon, there’s just no way to maintain 3 acres without a lawn/garden tractor of some kind.

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