Another day of progress in the garden

Our van took a ‘personal day’ and refused to start yesterday, so it spent the day relaxing in the driveway. It’s back to work today though, ready to haul stuff around. That’s a good thing, because I’m going to need it to go pick up some peat moss and vermiculite for my soil mix I plan to put in the raised bed. Can’t exactly bring that stuff home in the car!

I got two of the beds covered in cardboard and chicken compost.

Same thing in the raised bed. The chicken compost is just the first layer, next comes grass clippings, as soon as I get some mowing done.

When I run out of chicken compost I have a big pile that was cleaned out of my friend’s llama stall, which has been composting since last year and it looks pretty well broken down now.

Barclay helped out in the garden and kept me company, and he enjoys chasing the water from the hose! Fun times! I closed the main gate and let him and Jack out into the front pasture to play while I moved cardboard from the van to the garden. I was in the garden working and suddenly here comes Barclay running at full speed, delighted to have found me! Then he stayed in the garden with me the rest of the afternoon, even while Jack was still out exploring the front pasture.

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