Tough Decisions – Copper moves on

Don’t send me away, I’ll be good!
Tough decision time – I like Copper, he’s been a very nice rooster. He is big and beautiful, and well behaved. He gets on fine with the other rooster too. Only problem is, he loves the ladies! A little too much. The ladies are getting tired of getting attention from two roosters. Every time I go check on them I find hens sitting on the chair, or up in the trees, trying to get away from him!
He can’t reach me up here!
So I decided eight hens just wasn’t enough to spread out the attentions of two roosters, so one had to go. Since Copper is related to a couple of the hens, I decided to keep the unrelated rooster, Big Blue. Plus Blue is a cochin and I’m getting cochin chicks in March, so that will give me the opportunity to produce more pure cochins next year.
Surprisingly, I found someone on the Portland Chicken List who has 30 hens and a very tired old rooster, and wanted a vigorous young rooster. So he is boxed up and ready to go to his new home. Hopefully he’ll fit right in there, and be making friends with all the new ladies in no time 😉

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