I snapped a picture of this kestrel while his head was turned (he was watching out over the field, and when I stepped closer he noticed me and took off). He was sitting at the top of the sequoia down by the paddock.

Last night we got home from grocery shopping at dusk, and I pointed the sliver of a moon out to Dave, and as he turned to look where I was pointing, I looked back at the moon and an owl appeared out of nowhere and slowly soared overhead, heading for the woods behind the neighbor’s barn. So cool to see an owl flying by! I love living out here in the country! Lately we’ve been talking about finding someplace cheaper in town with less land to take care of, but I don’t know that I could live in town again. Not yet anyway.

One thought on “Kestrel

  1. No way! You'd waste away in town without nature to restore your soul. That kestrel is beautiful. What a great find. And I love to see and hear owls, too. I had no idea that y'all had sequoias growing in your backyards. I thought they were hundreds of feet tall! Wow!



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