Lee the HorseLogger

Today Barclay and I were coming back form the dog park, and as I’m driving up the highway towards home, I see ‘road apples’. Although we live in a very ‘horsey’ area, road apples on the highway is still a pretty unusual thing! So as I’m approaching the next light I look ahead and see what appears to be a wagon. I missed my turn so I could keep going and get a closer look…

Yup, a horsedrawn wagon!

Wish I could have gotten a better look, the horses harnesses were pretty impressive.

What an unusual sight to see in our little town! A sign on the back of the wagon indicated to check out this website  Lee the HorseLogger. Apparently he is a simple man, living a simple life and traveling the country in his wagon with his beloved horses and dogs. I’m sure it’s a life of hardship, but a living life your own way has it’s own rewards as well. Good journey to him!

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