Trip to the beach

Dave and I haven’t had a chance to get away for a long time, so today we took a fun day-trip to the beach. We started by heading North to Longview and crossing the Columbia there to get back on the Oregon side. Heading North to get to Oregon seems wrong, but it works.

Paper mill and container ship on the Columbia at Longview, WA.

We headed down to Fort Stevens on an exploratory visit to prepare for an Airstream Trailer rally we are organizing in March. After checking out the park we went to see the Peter Iredale shipwreck,

As you can see we were quite a ways back from it, the water was coming in.

Immediately after getting this picture we were looking at the camera screen going ‘hey, we got it, nice shot’, when we realized the wave was still coming up the beach! We turned and ran as fast as we could, laughing the whole way, all the way to the dunes! 
I looked back and snapped this picture, look how much deeper the water is around the ship, and the HUGE logs the wave pulled down across the sand.
We headed North to Longbeach and stopped to visit the boardwalk and watch the far off waves cresting and throwing spray high into the air.
Near the parking lot they had this wonderful relief map of the NW, showing all our favorite mountains. 
I got down low so it looked just like flying up the Columbia river towards home…
OMG!! What’s that hideous monster?!!
We were taking the back way out of Ilwaco and ran across this neat little vacation spot.
 There was one Airstream mixed in there, mostly Spartans, a Silver Streak, and a couple I couldn’t name. Neat find! I love old Spartans!
That was a really fun day, wandering up and down the coast with my wonderful hubby!

5 thoughts on “Trip to the beach

  1. I love this post so much!!! from the crazy beautiful shipwreck with the water coming in so fast, to the hideous husband monster coming over the mountains (lol!), to just the very fact that you were able to get away for a day 🙂


  2. Hey – I've been to that wreck. My friend and I cut our legs up wading around in the ocean there. Submerged shipwreck = dangerous wading. 😉

    Glad you guys were able to get away for the day. What fun!


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