Barclay gets stuck

 If only he had stayed in bed! But instead he went out this morning and chased the stray cat who lives in our hay shed and went right under the floor of the shed – where there was apparently a cat-sized exit hole, but not a dog sized one! So while the cat skedadled off and dissapeared, Barclay was left under the floor, crying and whining. I called him, but he just cried back. I pulled back all the plywood panels to get access under there, and I could hear him, but I was hesitant to climb under there in the dark, spidery recesses. I went and got a flashlight, with his cries in my ears the whole way and ran back, but flashing it around and calling him, I still couldn’t see where he was. Then I thought ‘If I crawl under there and get stuck…’, so I left the flashlight under there and ran back to the house to call Dave who was on his way into town. Just as Dave answered his cell Barclay come running out of the shed at top speed – still looking for that cat!
So a happy ending for all, but I don’t even want to think what if he had really gotten stuck – I suddenly had images of disassembling the shed on the spot! Or if he’d gotten stuck down there when nobody knew where he was. I guess that will be my job for tomorrow – seal up the hole that goes under the shed better, and find out if I can get a trap for that damn cat!

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