Canon SX10 IS and a new photo blog

Last year the CCD went out on my much-loved Canon S2IS, and after spending a bit of time trying to get Canon to fix it for free (they wanted $135 to fix it), I finally had it returned to me and have been using it as the only thing it is fit for – a paperweight – ever since.

I was finally ready to get a new camera to replace it, and I spent a lot of time soliciting opinions, reading up on Digital SLR cameras, learning about lenses. One thing I knew I did NOT want was another Canon. When my S2 broke down I read about many other people online who had the same thing happen. Some got their cameras fixed for free, some did not. I knew someone locally who had the same thing happen to their S3 and they had to pay to get it fixed. I was pretty unhappy with the spotty customer service, and that so many expensive cameras were breaking down and Canon felt they didn’t need to stand behind them.

But after much researching, adding up the costs of new cameras and lenses, and reading the recommendations of people who really really liked their Canon cameras, I finally relented and asked Canon to send me the new info on the Canon Loyalty Program. That’s where you can trade in your broken camera for a new refurb unit. It came down to spending $359 for a Rebel XS DSLR, or $200 for a SX10 IS. The SX10 is the modern equivalent of the S2 – if they’d stuck with the naming convention it would be an S6. It will bump me up from 5 to 10 megapixels, and from 12x to 20x zoom! One nice thing is being able to browse through Flickr and see the quality of pictures people have taken with it.

I bit the bullet and made the order. By next week my new SX10 will be here. I can’t wait, I’m excited to finally have something with more features than the point-n-click I’ve been using. To celebrate my new camera, I’m going to start a new ‘picture-a-day’ blog. That should force me to get out and really use it.

2 thoughts on “Canon SX10 IS and a new photo blog

  1. Oooh! How exciting! Congrats!
    I love my Canon. This is my second one. My first was stolen. Apparently I'm not the only person who likes Canon cameras, too. LOL!

    Hey! Why don't you do like I'm going to do and start participating in Project 365?
    It's a group on Flikr where you post a photo a day and you also get people to check them out and leave you comments on what they think.

    I'm starting up on January 1st.

    Maybe I'll see ya there?!


  2. Thanks for the tip, I've been looking into flickr trying to figure out how to get started. I'd love to put my pictures where I can get more critique back on them 🙂 I'd also like to start doing the Ed's challenges you've been doing. Anything that encourages me to get out and experiment will be motivating.


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