Cooped up!

All the chickens are confined to the coop today. They’re feeling a bit cooped up! but it’s better than getting eaten by the hawk.

The coop is about 6 x 10, which isn’t a lot of room for ten chickens. Here Copper, Penny’s son, is sitting up high to oversee the situation.

Blue Bird gives me the eye. Today the birds will be stuck in the coop, but tomorrow I’m hoping to open them up to the rest of the shed, so they’ll have more room to stretch their legs. I did that last winter during the ice storm and it worked well. I just need time to spread out some chips on the floor. Maybe tomorrow.  Then my only question is how long before I can let them out again? Maybe we’ll build some kind of covered/enclosed run outside the coop.

2 thoughts on “Cooped up!

  1. And I forgot how big your beautiful chickens are, too. They'll be fine in there and it's not forever. Hopefully that hawk will realize the food source is gone and move on after a few days.

    Maybe you could build a sort of chicken tractor, but more permanent, using some chicken wire or 4' high fencing and some bird mesh to go on top.

    My chicken house is only about 4'x6', but the outdoor coop is about 20' x 20' and we have 20 chickens. The top of our outdoor coop is covered in the plastic bird mesh. The kind that protects gardens and fruit trees from birds.

    Good luck.

    And Merry Christmas to you, too.

    coop is


  2. actually that is a good idea – could you just hook up your chicken tractor to the door that goes outside? More room but still protected . . .

    whatever you do I know you will figure it out. And no more lost chickens!!


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