Working at home

Nothing unusual about working at home, we do it every day! Our toy store has been bombarded with orders since Thanksgiving, thank goodness, because it’s been a rough summer with the bad economy. So I, as chief box-monkey, have been packing my little heart out. But today it was too cold outside, the heaters in the shop couldn’t even make a dent in warming up the packing area. It’s worse than yesterday, and yesterday I did my packing dressed in layers, including my heavy outdoor fleece, wool gloves, and a hat – and I was still cold! So today we brought the party inside. Luckily there’s room in the hobby room (formerly the fish room), so my assistant and I can do our work where it’s warm!

Ah, packing boxes – it’s not glamorous, but it’s a living…

2 thoughts on “Working at home

  1. It would have been impossible to work out in the shop, the tape won't even stick when it's this cold!

    Dave has done a great job of ordering more toys to list as the ones we're selling run out, he's really kept the orders rolling in. He's the mastermind behind this whole business 🙂


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