FarmVille vs FarmTown

I started out playing the FaceBook game FarmVille, and eventually enough of our 4H kids were playing FarmTown that they talked me into playing that one too. They are very similar, FT was the original, FV is the copy. At first I liked FV better, I thought the graphics were cleaner and you can harvest animals, so everything on the farm is productive. In fact there’s a little too much emphasis on production – mine has practically turned into a factory farm chasing the almighty dollar!

But I soon figured out the cool part about FT is the social interaction they have built into the game.

In FT they encourage you to hire other players to harvest your crops, and to plow your fields before planting. You are rewarded by getting more money for your crops, and a reduced fee for plowing – so it’s good for your pocketbook. Plus the workers get a chance to make a little extra farm money, and experience points. So folks go to the ‘marketplace’, which is a a chatroom, and hang out, hoping someone will come along and hire them. Sometimes it looks like a virtual unemployment line with everyone begging for work!

All those little unemployed avatars is so sad – sometimes it actually gets a bit depressing. After all, I play games to get a break from reality!

But then someone will come along and invite you to their farm to help bring in the harvest. That’s fun! You get to see their farm, and make a little money, and it does give you a little buzz of accomplishment 🙂 Sometimes someone will come to the marketplace and hire a whole bunch of people, and everyone scurries around on his farm trying to harvest as much as they can, like little army ants descending on a picnic!

This afternoon I went to the marketplace to hire someone to harvest my farm, and as soon as I showed up, someone hired ME to go harvest their farm. So I did, and made a bunch of coin I hadn’t been expecting – sweet! So I went back and hired someone to harvest my farm, and they were appreciative. It also bumped me up a level, I was able to expand my little farm, and I built a little forest retreat in one corner complete with a treehouse – double sweet!

So on FarmVille, once you’ve harvested what you can, there’s nothing to do until the next harvest, where in FarmTown, there’s always more to do. If your farm is taken care of, you can go work at someone else’s. So now I actually find myself dropping by FarmTown more often. It’s amazing what fun these little games can be, especially on a rainy day when you’ve got some time to kill and just want a bit of mindless entertainment!

2 thoughts on “FarmVille vs FarmTown

  1. We don't have many rainy days, so that's probably why I've not bothered to get involved. I always get tons of invitations to get involved, be someone's neighbor, are given trees, sheep, cows, chickens etc etc., but I just ignore them. Heck I hardly ever find time to even visit FB anymore. Last time was at least a month ago, probably more.

    I focus mostly on my blog, and the with my kids' homeschool schedule and all the real farmville work around here, there isn't anymore time left for me to play any games.
    Maybe I'm too boring and should try it someday? If we end up getting lots of snow this winter, then I'll be inside a little more and then I can participate. Can you grow things during the winter on Farmville or Farmtown?

    Does it cost to play?



  2. Hi Steph. I started playing Farmville last week at the suggestion of friends and I quickly got hooked on the game. I don't know if you saw my post on air forums, but I've read that they are now including a vintage Airstream camper in some of the “mystery gift boxes”. Man, I'd like to have an old Airstream on my farm. Part of thy strategy is to have a lot of friends (neighbors) to help with the farm chores and barnraisings. I'm hoping to find other Airstreamers to add as neighbors.
    To answer Laughing Orca's question, the game is totally free unless a player decides to spend real money to level up faster.
    Best wishes,
    Roger (Rog0525)


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