Downtime caused by New Laptop!

I’ve been recovering from a big computer changeover. A friend heard about my sad old laptop and GAVE me a new one! Unbelievable! I’ve never had anyone do anything so kind and generous out of the blue like that. I am so grateful to him! But of course it takes a while to get everything moved over, learn to navigate Vista, and get all my accessories (like my wireless keyboard) working again – all things that turned productivity way down. But today I’ve finally got it all back together. I ca get pics off my camera again, and the keyboard/mouse is working (hard to get any serious work done on the laptop keyboard and touchpad). I LOVE my new laptop, a Dell 1545. It is fast and the screen is HUGE and it’s been pretty easy to work with so far. I don’t even have any complaints about Vista (it was free, who am I to complain?)

After copying all my data off the harddrive, the old laptop retired to the store, where it is getting used everyday. Nice to not have to drag a computer between home and work anymore.

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