Unloaded some roosters

I sent four baby roosters off to their new home today. I advertised them on the chicken list for free and had someone who absolutely wanted them, but never emailed me back. So I put them on CL and had three people interested within an hour, so I wrote back to the first, no response, wrote to the second, no response, wrote to the third and she wanted to come right over and get them. THEN the first person responded (two days after I initially contacted her), and I had to tell her it was too late. People on CL will jump at anything that’s free, but getting them to follow through can be a challenge. The annoyance of finding them new homes masked the sadness at getting rid of them. They were beautiful birds, but there’s no way to keep six roosters and eight hens, nobody would be happy.

Here’s one of the pretty hens we’re keeping for future egg production. 

This is Beautiful the friendly buff hen, and Copper, the young cochin rooster. I decided to keep him for the moment because I like his buff color and feathered feet, and his personality is very mellow. In the background is the Blue Cochin…

He is a really spectacular bird! Very mellow, doesn’t seem to bother anyone, never harasses me. So I think I’ll keep him and the buff cochin boy and see how they get along with the girls. In reality I don’t need any roosters, my girls would be perfectly happy without them, but I kind of like the cock-a-doodle-do-ing, and seeing them strutting around.

The buff cochin boy of course is Penny’s boy. Penny is looking good. She finished her moult and is covered in beautiful new feathers.

But she still looks like a bowling ball with a head! I love her personality. She is cranky and cross with the other chickens, but they aren’t too scared of her because she’s not real fast on those big feathered feet. She makes a lot of noise to let everyone know to get out of her way! I don’t think she’d be welcome in a suburban backyard – she lets the whole neighborhood know what she’s up to.

Over in the chicken tractor Big Red’s chicks are growing fast, going through a lot of food, and producing a lot of poop. So I have to move the tractor every couple days to fresh grass. I’m about ready to put them back in the coop with the rest of the hens so they have more space to forage. We’ll see if Mom insists on teaching them to be escape artists. 

And you know what’s waiting for me in there: more baby roosters! Can you spot the baby roosters? The easy ones are in the back, one on the far left, and one under mom’s head. You can tell by the development of their red combs. The boys already have more comb than Mom! The girls have none at all.

But whatever happened to that runt?

Still alive, still runty (compared to his big brother). You’d think a bantam snuck in and laid an egg! I really didn’t think he would make it, but he’s growing – slowly!

After I posted this I decided to go out and move Big Red and her chicks into the main chicken area. It was easy enough to let them out of the tractor, and they were so happy they were jumping around, flapping and pouncing on each other. Leading them to the chicken area was a bit tougher. I used some scratch to get them moving, but they weren’t too interested in following. I tried herding them, but the chicks would scatter and then Mom would get mad and start running around to gather them up. It took a while but I finally got them all in the pen. They seemed very happy to have all that room, and were scratching around and enjoying the windfall pears in the orchard/chicken pen. Now I just have to wait to see if they stay put!

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