My little pond

In the courtyard in front of our house is my little japanese garden – at least that’s what I intended years ago when I started this project. But then the invasive bamboo took over and clogged the pond surface with constantly falling leaves, and plants in the pond reached their roots over and choked the pond pump into submission, and for the last year it has mostly been a challenge to keep it from becoming a mosquito heaven, and keeping the dogs from jumping into the stinky stagnant water. Yuk!

Today I made some good progress on fixing it up again. A few weeks ago I pulled the pump and cleaned it and got it running again. Then I cleaned out the pond as best as I could and refilled it with stones, burying the pump at the bottom and hiding the tubing under the rocks. The outlet is on the right, at the top of the stack of rocks, hidden by a piece of driftwood (all this stuff I stole out of my fishroom, since I don’t have any aquariums running anymore).

Once again our front walkway echos with the sound of water gently trickling over the rocks.

The pond looks so pretty reflecting the bamboo, at least it would if you didn’t know that BAMBOO IS EVIL!!! It must go! That’s my next project. I have about half of it cut down again, but I keep finding giant spiders living in it, so progress is slow. Everytime I find one I get the creepy-crawlies and have to go inside for a bit ! The problem with bamboo is that I’ve cut it to the ground three times, it just keeps coming back. I need to be more persistent than it is, and eventaully it will quit coming back.

 I’m happy with this little bit of progress. It’s a good start. 

One thought on “My little pond

  1. I've heard that bamboo is invasive, but I wonder if it would be the same way if it was planted in a very dry climate such as ours? I love a plant that seems to thrive well without much help. We have such rocky, boulder filled soil that finding plants that can survive with harsh conditions is a must.
    Your pond is beautiful. I can almost hear the tinkling of the water. Peaceful!



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