An evening at the County Fair

Every year we say we are going to go to the fair and see the bullriding competition. This year we finally made it. We went early, visited our friends who were showing their llamas in open class, had a look at the goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and cows, looked at the exhibits in the fiber sections, avoided a clown, ate deep fried dinner while watching teen-age boys showing off to teenage girls by doing back-flips off of a garbage can, and finally settled down at the grandstand with some roasted cashews and a bag of carmel corn to watch the big event…

When the ambulance showed up, and parked with it’s doors open and ready, we knew we were in for a show!

The bulls are HUGE, and some of them are quite angry! Even after they had disposed of their rider they ran around looking for someone else to rough up – maybe a clown or one of the ropers in the ring. It was great watching the guys scurry up onto the fence as the bulls came by looking for someone to ‘hook up’ with 🙂

As the evening wore on it got dark, and the lights from the midway were beautiful. The weather was perfect and despite the clouds it was a warm summer night.

Afterwards we walked the midway and enjoyed the whirling lights and watched the people staggering off of the rides. There is a ride called the slingshot that shoots people on a bungie cord high into the air – like ten stories or something – it’s insane!

And there are the regular tame rides like the giant ferris wheel. I’d love to see how they set it up and take it down. It doesn’t seem possible that in a week this will be a big empty parking lot for another year. I’m glad we took the time to go enjoy the fair(usually I just do the 4H stuff and go home) we had a great time!

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