Sunset Falls

On Sunday Barclay and I took a drive out to Sunset Falls. Sunset Falls is the closest NFS campground, and I was wondering if it would be a nice place to take the trailer to for a weekend, since it’s only about 20 miles away. Because of the economy we haven’t had the trailer out all year! Barclay enjoyed wading in the cool water, and even stepped into an unexpectedly deep pool and had to paddle a bit. Unfortunately we didn’t have the place to ourselves.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to find tons of people, car alarms going off, radios blaring, basically all the things you head to the forest to get away from! Still, people can be interesting sometimes…

In the fall we have been here and watched salmon jumping up this waterfall. Now in the heat of summer the waterfall was much smaller, and people were wading around and jumping into the pool below.

Wheeeeee! File this under ‘things I will NEVER do’!
(though there’s a part of me that wishes otherwise)

Straight across the pool was a steep dirt path people were also using to run down and jump into the pool. This guy got a pretty impressive canonball going.

The rocks were very pretty with the water rushing by.

I liked this leaf and it’s shadow in a still pool.

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