The return of Big Red

This morning I was out playing with the dogs and the chicks were making quite a fuss, peeping and all. I went to see what was up, and saw a flash of red..there’s only two red chickens in my coop, and one of them is in the brooder sitting on golf balls right now.

Yay, it’s Big Red! She has returned, and she brought a whole herd of little peeps with her! 9 or 10 by our count. They’re really hard to count, they follow mom around like a cloud!

Barclay pointed out the empty eggshells in the nest. So here’s the funny part – the nest is in the backyard. In the overgrown old garden. No more than 10 feet from the chicken pen, the water trough, and the gate to the orchard. In other words, this whole time she has been sitting on her eggs literally under our noses! How come the dogs never bothered her? They must have known she was there, but she wouldn’t run and flap – she probably just fluffed up and hissed at them, and the dogs backed off. Even when our friends visited with their dog Sam, who chased the rooster around the garden, she was right there in the middle of it not budging off her eggs – what an amazing Mom! Now, how did she lead that little troupe of chicks from the backyard back into my carefully secured chicken pen?

Glad to see everyone is home and safe!

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