Crazy bird on the loose!

Big bird has gone completely off his nut for some reason. After the attack yesterday perhaps he thought he had won the battle and was feeling pretty proud of himself (in those two cells he rubs together and calls a brain). Today he sealed his fate.

I gave away the baby turkeys today. I was getting worn out keeping up with them, and I was concerned about what was going to happen when they outgrew the tractor, which was going to be soon. So I advertised them on the chicken list and a lady came over and gave me two bags of chicken feed and a bag of scratch for them, which made me happy.

Since she is a chicken expert, I mentioned what Big Bird had done and she said she would help me clip his spurs while she was here. So we went into the coop and he walked up to her and jumped up to kick her and she caught him in mid jump. We took him to the garage and trimmed his spurs and ground them down with the dremel. Did his beak too. Then let him go, and she thought that should have put him in his place a bit. After she left I went around back to put some scratch out and get everyone back into the pen area, and he walked up and kicked me, so I kicked him away. He picked himself up and came after me again! I kicked him away again, now in self-defense! And he jumped up and came after me again! That time I kicked him about five foot away and really knocked him for a loop, and when he got up he gave me the eye, but he finally walked away. I don’t know what got into him. So now I have a big bruise on my knee where he got me with one of his kicks!

I spent the day working outside the chicken pen putting chicken wire around the bottom so the chickens will be contained, and I’m putting mama hen and her chicks in there with the rest of the chickens, so everyone will be together. After dark I moved mama hen in, and moved Big Bird out. He was easy to catch because he was sleeping! I took him out and stuck him in the empty chicken tractor and that’s where he will stay until he leaves. He’s worn out his welcome, and we can’t trust him not to hurt someone. He’ll be gone by next weekend one way or the other.

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