Walk around Battle Ground Lake

I took Barclay for a walk around the lake on Tuesday. I wanted to go somewhere cool and shady where he could jump in the water if he wanted to. That was the perfect place to go! But there were a lot of people there, even for a Tuesday. Luckily most of them were in the wading area, and so we only ran into a couple groups on the lake trail. One couple looked like they were on an expedition, and they were from out of town so we chatted for a bit, talked about what other stuff there was to see in the area. It’s funny to see people outfitted for a long hike on the lake trail, because it’s really just a stroll, and it’s less than a mile total. Though sometimes I have gone with a full backpack just to get in shape for carrying my pack. So I suppose then I look silly too 🙂

It’s hard to get Barclay to sit still for a picture – he wants to go go go! There’s so much to see!
Like baby ducks!

We stopped and waded around in the water a bit here and there. I just wanted to make sure he stayed cool. He doesn’t know if he can swim yet, so I want to encourage him to play in the water whenever we get a chance. One of these days we’ll have to get him out into water where he can paddle a bit. I think he would enjoy it.

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