Turkeys are out, chicks are in

The turkey poults have made the big move from the protection of the heated brooder to the cold harsh reality of life in a chicken tractor. I was worried about them the first night, and for some reason, just because they are turkeys I guess and not very bright, they chose to sleep on the unprotected end of the tractor in the grass instead of the sheltered end with a perch. But they survived, and by the second night they had figured out how to snuggle up together on the perch.

In the other tractor is black mama hen with her NINE chicks! I thought there were only eight, but now that they are running around more we counted nine. I would love to let all these little guys loose to run around the yard and scratch in the fresh grass, but the cats would go after the chicks. So everyone stays safely in the tractor.

As you can see from the little feather-legged chick in front, we have two cochins in this brood. I hope at least one is a hen!

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