First hot day with the AC turned on

Last year…

This year…

Poor Barclay! He’s such a hot dog anyway, and he’s got a lot more fluff this year! He loves to sleep behind the toilet pressed up against the cool porcelain, or stretched out over a cooling vent!

2 thoughts on “First hot day with the AC turned on

  1. We had a rabbitthat used to do the same thing. Did Barclay use a litterbox as a puppy? Wow! I had no idea puppies could be taught that. Cool! (get it…cool? lol!)

    We've not had to turn on our evaporative cooler here yet. It's only been in the 70-80's. Last year we only turned it on for a few days during July.
    We do get hot, but don't have humidity, so the heat doesn't feel so bad.



  2. Yes, Barclay's breeder raises her pups in the house and litter box trains them. That made it so much easier to be able to leave him alone while we went to a movie or something and know he had a litter box to use if he needed it. Now he's allowed to freely roam the house when we're gone, so he can pop out to the dog run if he needs a potty break. The litterbox was a lifesaver for the first year though!


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