Geocaching and Travel Bugs – Sharkey

A few years ago I was into Geocaching, the online GPS treasure hunt game. I would still be if my GPS hadn’t become outdated. I’ll get a new one someday and do it again. One of the fun side games is Travel Bugs. Travel Bugs are things you put in the cache with a special number/tag on them, and you usually give them a goal, and they get picked up and passed along, and logged along the way, and it’s fun to see where they go. I’ve done four of them.

Sharky was a stuffed shark. I think I found him in a cache, and thought it was hilarious. After he hung around a while I decided to send him travelling. In April 2002 I put a tag on him and sent him on his way.

My goal was to send him from the NW, all the way to my friend Heather and her son Brandon in Godfrey Illinois. They were finding Geocaches out their way, so we picked a cache they knew they could find in a hurry when he showed up, and made that his goal. We dropped him off in Washougal, WA, as I recall. As you can see from the map above, sending something by Geocache is not exactly the most direct way of getting something from point A to point B.

Along the way people posted pictures of his adventures:

He hitched a ride with Barbie between caches.
He hung out poolside at some resort on the east coast.
And someone took him to a petshop to visit the other sharks!

A year and a half later, in October 2003 he landed in the Piasa Bird cache near Alton, IL (the the Piasa bird is an interesting story in itself if you google it). Heather and Brandon went and picked him up and took him home. What a fun little adventure we had! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the other Travel Bugs who didn’t have quite as successful a journey šŸ™‚

One thought on “Geocaching and Travel Bugs – Sharkey

  1. That looks like so much fun!!
    I'm thinking of taking the boys letter boxing next Monday. I know your store is open that day, but if you'd still like to come along, you'd be welcome!
    I'll post details as soon as I figure out where we're headed- maybe Lewisville or BGL.


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