Shuffling chicks

Yesterday black mama hen started hatching her eggs. I’ve seen 4 or 5 chicks so far, but she’s keeping them hid. They are in a brooding box in the shed, and it’s not big enough for them, so I need to move them out to a chicken tractor so they can scratch around in the grass. However the tractors are full. Time to shuffle some chickens.

So I took the tractor with 7 chicks

And added two of the chicks from the tractor that only has three.

The remaining chick I put in a dog carrier so I can work with taming him. He is Penny’s only chick out of the first set of chicks we hatched. He is a Buff Cochin, and he has feathered feet and legs. I think he’s super cute, so I thought it would be fun to work with him a bit. I’ve heard you can clicker train chickens, so I thought I’d give it a try. His name is Copper.

In the turkey brooder the turkeys are getting HUGE! They are almost as tall as the gallon milk jugs I feed them out of.

Because the turkeys are getting too big to stay in the brooder much longer, I am giving the extra chicks to one of the boys in our 4H llama club who is also in chicken 4H. That way the new mom and chicks will have one tractor, and the turkeys will have the other, and I’ll be DONE with raising chicks for the season.

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