Hiking Trip to Amboy

Not a great picture of me and Barclay (guess I should have taken off the hat) 🙂 Today Dave and D and I hiked to the top of Green Mountain in Amboy. It’s just an easy walk up a logging road, but it’s pretty steep. We saw tons of butterflies, a skink (which I almost stepped on, sunning in the middle of the trail), snails, and even a snake. Along the way you can look back across the valley and see all the way back to the hills around Battle Ground. There’s great views at the top.

Dave and D with Lake Merwin and Mt St Helens in the background.

Mt St Helens. It’s a pretty spectacular view. I never get tired of looking at Mt St Helens. We’re on the South side so you can’t see the crater. Everyone made it just fine, and Barclay did a great job on his first big hike. We even stopped in Amboy for ice cream on the way back into town. Fun day!

If D posts her pictures of the butterflies (she took a bunch of them), I’ll link to her blog 🙂

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