Turkey’s, llamas, and kitties, oh my!

The turkeys survived their first day. Last night when I went to check on them before bed one was laying on it’s side and didn’t look good at all! I picked it up and saw it’s butt was ‘pasted up’ with dried poo. So I tucked it under my shirt and took it inside and washed the poop off with a warm wet tissue, then took it back out to the brooder. I didn’t think it would make it, but sure enough this morning everyone was walking around eating and drinking, and I couldn’t even tell which one was so miserable last night.

Today was the 4H llama area show, and afterwards I invited our club leader to bring the club llamas and drop them off in our pasture for a few weeks. We have lots of grass for them to eat, and her pasture is getting a little tired after being grazed all winter. So now we have six llamas, well four llamas and two alpacas actually. Jack went nuts when he saw them, baying and barking LOUD and non-stop like we’d been invaded! Barclay wanted to go play with them, but I wouldn’t let him. He doesn’t know not all llamas want to play with him like Houdini did, these llamas might just trample him!

Lastly, Mighty took a moment to pose for me in front of the spring flowers, and the orange sunset light seemed to make her glow! Pretty Kitty!

3 thoughts on “Turkey’s, llamas, and kitties, oh my!

  1. Anonymous

    awwwww. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories of your menagerie. Sounds like you’d make a good mama turkey.

    Mighty looks so regal in that shot.


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