Chickens and soon..Turkeys!

For my friends who get eggs from us, here’s our happy flock hanging out in the pen 🙂

I set that chair out there so I could sit out there and enjoy the chickens, but they like to perch on it, and from the amount of poop on it, I have to admit that chair is pretty much theirs forever now – ew! I go in and hose it off every now and then.

Lots of grass and trees in our orchard for the chickens to hang around in and scratch around hunting for buggies and stuff. Of course their favorite area is right by the gate, so they have that scratched down to mud.

Nice shot of Penny

Big Red and her happy chicks in the ‘maternity ward’ enjoying a warm afternoon. It was just starting to get chilly as the sun went down, and the chicks snuggled up under her to stay warm.

Big Bird and I have established an uneasy truce. When I tell him to leave the coop so I can pick up eggs, he does, and he will eat out of my hands and let me pet him and pick him up. I still don’t turn my back on him though. The other day I told him to get out of the coop and he looked right at me, pecked my foot, and then ran out as fast as he could – sneaky bird!

And this is the brooder box with a heat lamp I set up today for the turkeys! Yep, I said turkeys. This weekend hopefully we’ll be getting a few Bourbon Red Turkey babies. I talked to the breeder this morning and he said they were just starting to hatch today. I intend for these turkeys to be food – holiday turkeys. He said they should be close to 20lbs by Thanksgiving. But knowing us by the time the holidays roll around they’ll have turned into pets. Unlike my hen-raised chicks, the turkeys will be in a brooder box getting attention from me every day, which should help make them extra tame, and that’s important with a bird as big as a turkey! But that also will make them harder to eat when the time comes. These are the first animals on our ‘farm’ that are intended to be food, so we’ll see how that goes.

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