Mowing the lawn

I have spent the last couple weeks fighting with the lawnmower. I think I mentioned last year how much I hate my lawnmower. I still hate it. This year the bearings the blades ride on wouldn’t turn (same as last year). Once we beat those into working we had to change the belt, and the new belts we bought online that were supposed to be an exact exchange, and cost a lot less than the OEM belt ($12 vs $50) didn’t fit. Luckily I had a spare OEM belt that was only partly worn out which I had taken off and hung in the garage last year, so I put that on. Replaced the battery and gas. Cleaned the gas filter. Took a flat tire to the tire place. Finally got it running last night. It makes some clanking noises it didn’t used to, and the steering and brakes need some work still, but it goes forwards and backwards and cuts the grass, so that’s all we can ask for right now. Can’t afford a new one, and without the sheep we have the whole 3 acres to maintain, so I’m glad we got this one working for one more season (I hope)!

I felt like I was running a race to get the mower running before the grass got too high to cut. It was close! We have a deal – I work on it, Dave mows with it. Works for me.

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