Chicken tractor Number Two

Today, between Barclay’s crazy excitement over seeing the chicks, and wandering neighborhood cats making me nervous, I know I had to get the second chicken tractor finished! Dave came out in the afternoon and helped me finish putting it together. It’s not completely painted, but it’s secure. In the picture it’s the one in back. The other tractor has Little Red and her eggs.

By dark mom had still not taken the chicks back into the coop, and she seemed to be settling down for the night under the ramp. So I took a rubbermaid container of cedar chips and carefully reached under her and picked up each of the three chicks and carefully set them in it, then I picked her up, and she only grumped a little, and set her in it, and she snuggled right on top of the chicks. Then I was able to carry the container to the new chicken tractor and set her and her new family safely inside.

More of a relief for me than her, I’m sure! But now they’ll all be safe and they have food and water handy, and enough room for them to eat some grass and dig around for bugs.

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