Wheels for the chicken tractor

Now that the chicken tractor has been sitting outside for a bit, the wood has gotten wet, and it weighs about a ton, at least that’s what it seemed like when I asked Dave to help me move it! The two of us together could barely scoot it more than a few feet before we decided someone was going to get hurt. But I really wanted to get it moved over by the chicken pen before the chicks hatch, because I plan on moving each mom and chicks into a tractor. Yes, that means I need to build another tractor, but this one only took me a day, and now I know what I’m doing, so how bad could it be?

So I went to the hardware store and bought a couple sturdy wheels – wish I could have found ones that were even wider for rolling over the mud and grass, but it turned out to be ok. The wheels were $6 each, the hardware for each wheel to mount it: spacers, washers, locknuts, and two huge bolts, added up to $9 per wheel! So $30 total. But it took all of five minutes to install, and then I grabbed the rope and the tractor pretty much followed me wherever I wanted to go – as long as I kept the front end up. Two more wheels on the front would really make it easy to move! But as it was I single handedly moved it about three hundred feet, from the front pasture all the way through the big pasture, into the backyard, and parked it next to the chicken pen. No problem.

4 thoughts on “Wheels for the chicken tractor

  1. If you look it up on the web it’s an illustration called the ‘cadillac poultry ark’, but it’s enough to qualify as a plan to me.

    I could whip up a mounting platform in no time! Fly me down! 🙂


  2. Hi, Stef – Love your blog! Found it thru the Mother Earth comment board on chicken breeds. We live in Phila., PA and are interested in chickens for eggs & pets, but I have some questions. Would you be willing to field them for me?


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