The Airstream

We have a 1968 Airstream Caravel – that’s a 17ft trailer – which I restored myself over the last 5 years, with help from my friends in the Airstream community. It is my pride and joy, and we don’t get to use it as much as I’d like. All this winter weather is giving me cabin fever – I want to hook up and hit the road! So instead I went out and did some cleaning up, fixed a bad light switch, and just hung out inside with the dog for a bit, letting him get used to it while I read a magazine. He went camping with us a couple times last season, but he has a bit of separation anxiety, so I want him to learn it’s a safe place to be when we’re gone.

Since it’s only 17 ft long, the tour is short. There’s a kitchen down one side…

And a couch that folds out into a bed on the other (in Airstream-speak, that’s called a ‘gaucho’). The bathroom is in the back, and it’s full-service 🙂 That’s a requirement for me when we’re ‘camping’.

And there’s a dinette in the front which folds down into a bed as well, but we use the side bed. It’s actually nice and cozy inside, and never seems cramped. It’s small size is easy to tow and fits into any camping spot. We are forced to keep everything neat and orderly when travelling because there is no room for clutter inside.

Mighty followed me into the trailer, and then I left to play with the dog, and when I came back and opened the door she had a lot to say to me about forgetting her and leaving her locked in there all alone for TEN WHOLE MINUTES!!! Apparently it was quite traumatic. She may require therapy…

2 thoughts on “The Airstream

  1. lol! Mighty! Scary! 🙂Poor kitty.Cool! You’ve got a Spud!I always love how the Airstreams remind me of baked potatoes wrapped in foil. heheThat’s a pretty one, too. You’ve done a great job in restoring it.We have a pop-up camper, and like you, don’t use it often enough. We’re hoping to head up to CO in May though for a week of camping.Got any trips planned for yourselves this summer?~Lisaword verification: ‘wican’weird.


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