Our house is a very very very fine house…

I was digging around on the laptop, cleaning up, when I found this picture of our house under construction, which I found on the county permits website. This was 1994, 5 years before we came along.

So here we are at our new (to us) house, complete with my Mustangs in the driveway. I really miss that white one, that was a nice car – black leather, big stereo, comfy. Terrible handling though. Maybe I don’t miss it that much. Notice the color of the house. Dave said it was taupe. I don’t think that’s a real color. When people asked me what color my house was I’d say yellow, and Dave would say ‘no it’s not’, so we’d go outside and look and sure enough, it wasn’t yellow, but it wasn’t really any color! Note that it looks the same color as it does in the picture above, and that picture is black and white! Well, we soon solved the color problem.

We have LP siding on our house, and you may remember the LP siding class action lawsuit because their siding wasn’t properly sealed so it would soak up water and rot. Our choices were to replace it, or deal with it. The LP settlement was ridiculously cheap, it wouldn’t pay to actually replace it, so we decided to deal with it. One hot summer we went around the whole house, cleaning up the edges of the siding and treating them with a rubberized polymer to seal them. Every single exposed edge of siding was treated with this white rubbery stuff. And when we were done we had to paint the whole house.

No, it’s not pink, it’s ‘morning rose’. We have no CC&Rs so we can do whatever we want 🙂 No matter what the neighbors think. I liked it, it was bright and cheery. Oh look, another mustang!

But a couple years later we added the big shop, to contain our business. With the prospect of a two story pink shop towering over the neighborhood, we knew we needed a less obnoxious color. We picked a dark forest green. Some people said that would be too bold, we should paint it taupe! But with the stand of trees behind the house, I think it blends right in and looks very sharp, especially with the white trim. Our painter suggested going with a lighter color on the sun porch to brighten it up. I really like it.

We’ve been here ten years, almost exactly – I think we moved in on valentines day and celebrated by sitting on the floor and eating pizza. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place, and I have to say I feel like we’ve really made it our own.

Oh, and you can’t see it because it’s covered, but there’s still a mustang in the driveway 🙂

7 thoughts on “Our house is a very very very fine house…

  1. lol! Oh my…I love how you said ‘less obnoxious color’, because I was thinking..’wow, that is some bright pink for her house….maybe I can just not say anything and just ignore it instead..sort of like ignoring a neon pink elephant in the middle of your living room” lol!And then you shared the photos of the forest green housde and barn…and I was like ‘whew! much better!”The forest green is really beautiful and much better than the hot pink. If you ever decide to sell your house, you won’t have to worry about repainting just to have attractive ‘curb appeal’ 🙂What did your hubby think of living in a pink house?I like how the white trim pops off the dark green, too.And hey if you still desire that ‘morning rose’ color, you could always paint your chicken house that color. Fun!Pretty mustangs, too. ;D~Lisaword verification: ‘roketing’


  2. how fun to have photos of all the different colors it has been. I am so conservative when it comes to outside house colors–we argue over whether our house is gray or brown all the time! (it is neither very strongly) it needs repainting, too, we just haven’t agreed on a shade. I am definitely going to bring up the morning rose option 😉


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