A chicken in every pot…

Ahem..Flowerpot, that is! Our pesky chickens refuse to be contained in their area, and they have been causing havoc all around the house, knocking on the front door (Dave almost let them in the other day when he walked by and saw something orange on the porch and assumed it was a cat!), pooping on the walkways, and now settling in for a nice dustbath in the deck planters!
Our reward for them trashing the place – well, four more eggs today! And the smaller one is blue. It’s hard to tell by the picture, but it’s not white, and it’s not brown – it’s got a blue/green tinge to it. I think that is from one of the ‘wild’ chickens, since they are mixes. One must have a little ‘easter-egger’ mixed in her family tree.

3 thoughts on “A chicken in every pot…

  1. I love that not only do you clarify that it is NOT a cooking pot that the chickens are in, but there is also a vegetarian recipe under the eggs 🙂 I think those chickens are pretty safe at your house.


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