Resolutions – Silver Star Mountain

Mt St Helens from the summit of Silver Star Mountain
(photo by Petrarch1603 – shared by creative commons license)

Gosh, Dorinda inspired me by blogging her resolutions – and they were so darned organized – which is just like her, in my view!

My resolution is the same one it has been for the last couple years, and every year something stops me. This is it – this year I’m going to do it. I will climb a mountain. Literally. I want to get to the top of Silver Star Mountain. It’s just east of town, and I see it every day, and I wish I could get to the top of it. Of course I am not in as good a shape as I was when I started wanting to do this a few years ago – seems like something always gets in the way and I end up getting even further from my goal.

Almost 5 years ago we drove up there, and it takes a 4×4 just to get to the trailhead. We started hiking up the trail and it was so steep, and the altitude was so high, I started to panic a bit, had trouble catching my breath, so we turned around and came back. Ever since I have wanted to get in better shape and try again! Of course, the humiliating thing is that Silver Star is completely non-technical, is listed in several guidebook as ‘easy hikes for children’, and is considered a grade A (that’s the easiest rating they have) hike for most outdoor clubs. It’s really shouldn’t be that big an achievement. But it will be for me.

So my goal is to get out and hike at least a couple times a week on local trails, and get in better shape so that by the end of the summer I can hike to the top of Silver Star. Anyone want to join me?

7 thoughts on “Resolutions – Silver Star Mountain

  1. Wow!! This so cool Stef!! What a totally awesome goal.And it might be rated for easy for children, but only older children. At over 14,000 ft elevation that is one steep mountain. I wonder how many switchbacks there are? gah!And I though climbing Sandia Mountain, NM was tough, but that’s only 10,500 ft high.Gosh! I would totally love to join you for that hike and in helping you reach your goal. Just the fact that there is an unobstructed 360 degree view of the entire Portland, Oregon metro area, as well as views of the Columbia River Gorge, the Pacific Coast Range, Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson would totally be worth it!And I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest.But I truly doubt my Dr. would ok a hike such as that. Bummer. Darn fall. darn knee.I’m going to be cheering you on, though. You can take that to the top of the mountain, my dear! lol 🙂~LisaNew Mexico


  2. For the last several years, I’ve wanted to climb Saddle Mountain. But weight, asthma and a bad knee makes climbing anything tough. If you don’t mind slow going (think tortoise slow!!), I would love to join you on your quest to conquer a mountain!


  3. Lisa, I think you might have found a different silver star, it’s not 14kft, it’s 4k ft. Starting from the trailhead it is only 1000ft gain in elevation over 2.4 miles, so it’s not too bad. But it’s up there – the view from the trailhead alone is pretty spectacular.Sounds like we’re going to need to do this as a group! I’d better get to exercising!


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