Who’s that knockin’?

Tap tap tap…

Mom, there’s somebody at the door!

“Excuse me, do you have any stale bread in there?”

“Honey, did they say if they have any bread?”

I think we’d better give them what they want…
We’re outnumbered!

8 thoughts on “Who’s that knockin’?

  1. Thanks, I enjoyed making up the captions to go with the pics. But the rooster really does come knock on the door hoping for bread, then the whole flock follows him up there. Those bird are just endless entertainment!


  2. Oh and my kids keep asking me to come back to your blog to replay that ‘cats flushing toilet’ video. (sarcasm entered here) Thanks…thanks alot 🙂This is probably the 9th time we’ve replayed that stinkin’ video. 😛 ~LisaNew Mexico


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