Two more chickens!

This is why I shouldn’t be looking on craigslist unless it’s for something specific! I saw someone about a mile away selling two Buff Orpington hens for $14, and of course I jumped on it. My hens’ egg production has been less than stellar – I’m sure any day now they’ll all start laying at once and I’ll have more eggs than I know what to do with (actually, I doubt it, because I know a lot of cool recipes with eggs). So now I have 2 roosters (the one I wasn’t sure about is pretty certainly in the rooster column now) and 8 hens!

Here the new girls are in the pen next to the dog crate they came home in, while the rest of the flock checks them out.

This is the whole flock. Once I opened the pen to let everyone into the coop, there was a little fighting, and Big Bird ran off the biggest new hen. But I picked him up and put him in the dog crate, then went and rescued her from the bushes where she was hiding, and carried her around while I let him out and shooed everyone into the coop. Surprisingly neither one gave me any trouble with being caught or carried around! In fact she was quite calm about being held! I have Buff Orpingtons because they are supposed to be calm and easy to handle. I guess so! Once everyone was in the coop I put the new girls in there. My chicken mentor said to put them in the coop at night and when they wake up together they’ll all be one big happy flock. We’ll see!

The chickens are still my favorite part of the farm. They are friendly and fun to watch, they make a pleasant noise, they eat just about everything you offer them, they follow me around the yard, and every now and then they give us eggs – what a deal!

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