Bad news

Last night our cat Mighty didn’t come home. Both cats were in the yard hanging out when I was doing my evening chores, collecting eggs and taking hay out to the animals, but it was no where near dark then. When I got done the cats were nowhere around. Later after it started to get dark I called them and Mouse came in, but no Mighty. Later Dave called her when he got home, still nothing.

A couple years ago we adopted a persian cat named Lucy from the pound. She was indoor, but she was so unhappy about it she took it out on us by leaving surprises everywhere. So we let her out and she was tremendously happy, and then one day she disappeared. The neighbors said they heard coyotes in the back field that evening, much closer than usual. So we assumed she had re-entered the food chain, so to speak.

After that we got two kittens, sisters, and planned to keep them as indoor kitties. That’s Mighty and Mouse. But again, they were so unhappy they couldn’t go explore the world outside, they spent all their time whining about it and trying to plot their escape. So after about a year and half or so, we finally let them go outside and just like before, they were extremely happy about the change. They catch field mice and voles and moles, and a couple times they have caught birds. Basically it’s a cat’s dream to live around here.

This whole indoor/outdoor kitty debate is a tough one. On one hand you want them to be safe and live long healthy lives. On the other hand you want them to be happy, and our cats have never been so content as when they spend their days outside prowling around and decimating the rodent population (a genuinely useful thing). So it’s a tough one. Either way I don’t like losing a cat. Maybe she’ll show up again yet. I guess there’s nothing to do but wait and see.

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