The continuing story of Charlotte

Well, our resident spider has continued to fascinate us. A few days ago she apparently decided the door was too busy for her, and was tired of us ducking under her web twenty times a day, and she moved over to the stationary side of the patio door. This made us happier too!

We were interested to see what her next move was. I read online that the male would show up and she would build an egg sac. But I don’t know how a male would find her up here on the house, so far away from the grass and bushes where I would expect him to be. Then we see a little spider show up (though he kept his distance). In the picture below you can see him way off to the left.

He’s less than an inch across, compared to her three inches! Apparently that was big enough to get the job done, because last night we looked out in the evening and saw her working on an egg sac!

This morning when we got up and went to check on her we saw this!!!

Well, was she busy all night or what?!!! The most interesting part is that her abdomen is significantly deflated compared to yesterday before she started. I guess it was full of eggs and web last night.

I happened to be looking in time to see the male scurry away, rappel to the ground and head for the hills. I don’t think he’s coming back, the male doesn’t always survive the encounter.

So she spent some of the day working on securing the egg sac to the window. Now that her job is done, she’s parked herself on it and is just sitting there. I read she will die when the frosts come, and the eggs are on their own until spring. When the young spiders hatch they’ll send out web ropes to catch the wind and move somewhere else. I’m very curious to see what happens next.

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