The grandfather I never knew

Gravestones from Sappulpa, Oklahoma.

I am posting these photos here mostly so I won’t lose them if something happens to my hard drive, else I would have to go back to Oklahoma to get them again. I have been watching History Detectives on PBS lately and it got my curiosity up about two people in my family I don’t know much about. First would be James Lynn, my grandfather. He is a mysterious figure because he died shortly after his last child was born, when my father (his oldest child) was only ten. His death had a huge impact on the family in ways that could not have been predicted, throwing them into poverty, and when my grandmother fell ill with TB, and had to go to a hospital in AZ, the boys were sent to an orphanage, while the girl got to stay home with her grandparents. There is a lot more to this story, including the fact that James apparently served in France during WWI, something I didn’t know until I saw his gravestone.

This is my dad’s mom’s father, so my great grandfather. I knew my great grandmother, but she had dementia when I knew her, so it’s not like I have fond memories of my time with her. I never heard anyone talk about him. I don’t know why.

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