Dinner picnic!

I got the crazy idea yesterday afternoon that I would pack a sandwich, drink, and a book, and take the dogs to the park and have a dinner picnic. My only regret in this was 1) letting Alki see me prepare the kongs I brought along for them before we left – because she spent the entire walk obsessing about when she would get the kong, and then stole Barclay’s too! and 2) taking both dogs, because it was like having two little kids in the backseat on a long car ride! They cannot be happy sniffing the same bush, or one being ahead of the other. Actually, it’s all Alki who had her nose out of joint. Barclay is way too laid back to be much trouble. So I spend the whole time untangling leashes and being alternately pulled forward or dragged behind.

Once we got there and I laid out a blanket and tied the pooches to opposite ends of the picnic table, I turned to grab my sandwich only to find that while I was tying Barclay, Alki pulled the sandwich out of the pack, opened the container, and was munching on my bun!

Look, she’s not even sorry she got caught! Unrepentant eskimo!!

Barclay was busy watching squirels in the bushes. He didn’t even care about his kong.

Alki enjoyed it once she had polished off both Kongs and there was no sandwich left to worry about. Then she could relax! Doesn’t she look great for a dog who’s 13 years old and survived a serious bout with cancer last year? No matter how much of a ‘peskie eskie’ she is, I treasure our time together even more.

I managed to read a few pages before it started to get dark and we headed back on the wooded path home.

One thought on “Dinner picnic!

  1. “peskie eskie”! ohhh i love it!dogs are the best! no matter how much trouble they cause you just can’t live without em!i was laughing so hard reading this. it actually reminds me of the times i think of a great idea with the kids and it just ends up being a huge fiasco! lol! or the time i thought it would be fun to take ollie and india out for a bike ride both inside my new bike trailer with the screen to keep indie inside. not good…but it was worth a try! the things we do to include our family on our adventures eh?


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