Garden update

The tomatoes are planted, and safely under cloches. It’s warm one day and cold the next, so it was a little questionable as to if I should plant them or not, but they were getting rootbound in the little containers, so I decided to go for it. The stem on my main season tomato snapped while planting it, so I went and found a replacement at the garden center. It’s a ‘Willamette’. So from right to left, I have one of each variety – ultra early, extra early, early, main season, and cherry tomato. The rest of the extra tomatoes are in pots on the patio.

The slugs have been winning the battle, so I resorted to putting down slug bait. I hated to do it, but the stuff says it’s safe for pets and wildlife (none of which should be in my garden anyway). This picture shows my carrots – they’re in those empty squares. The slugs have been gobbling up the greens as soon as they appear. I planted them the same time as the chard in the squares above them. I don’t know if the carrots can recover.

Then I planted my peppers and put homemade cloches over them. The peppers are mini red bell peppers. We use a lot of bell peppers so I hope I can get those two plants to produce well. There’s also a third plant in a pot on the patio.

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