Garden update

Time for a garden update. Tomorrow is the average last frost date for the area. The plants inside are growing like gangbusters!

I did a little experiment. I took two of the Ultra Early tomatoes and when I planted them in the little peat pots, I put one in a small bucket. The tomatoes in the pots have been in the front window on the south side of the house, while the bucket has been in the kitchen on the west side. I would have expected the one on the west side to not do as well, though I thought the bigger container might make a difference. It made a big difference! Look how big the leaves are on the one in the bucket, and the stalk is three times as thick!

Outside the cold-weather plants have been growing well, despite the occasional nibble from bugs. The peas have gotten a growth spurt in the nice weather, and I set up a little chicken wire fence for them to climb on because they were starting to flop over.

And finally, I built an 8 cubic foot compost box for redworm composting. We’ll see how that works. I’ve never had much luck composting, but I thought if it’s small and contained I might be able to keep after it. And if nothing else I can steal a few worms and go fishing!

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