Emigrant Lake – Fall 07

Here’s a picture I took this spring…

And here’s from the same area this weekend. Although we go every fall, this is the lowest I’ve ever seen the lake.

The water should be up to the base of those trees.

The low water revealed fascinating old pieces of driftwood. What do you see in this one?

This is one of three Scamps that was at the campground this weekend, in addition to about ten more we saw on the road. There must have been a Scamp party going on somewhere. We even saw a Scamp fifth wheel!
Here we are. Thanks to the Scamp we were not the smallest trailer at the campground.

Sunset through the branches.
The next day we walked as far as we could before rocks blocked our way. When we walked back past the info board we noticed the big sign warning that cougars had been seen in the area! We probably wouldn’t have wandered so far if I’d seen that sign first!
Canada geese
This is a vineyard up on the hill overlooking the park. It’s so beautiful, it always makes us wish we could stay there.
Storms blew in Saturday evenign
A heron picked along the beach
Clouds reflected in the Airstream.

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