N 45° 57.483 W 122° 26.698

We went for a little hike today. This is a location we found while Geocaching a few years ago and it was so impressive, we thought about going back. Finally got around to it.

It was a sort of overcast day, which was nice because it wasn’t too hot. The hike was steady uphill to the top, though not really steep. We followed a logging road into DNR land north of Amboy, WA, up to the top of a ridge.

There were some pretty steep drop-offs! I wouldn’t want to be wandering around here at night!

Found some nice little purple wildflowers along the roadside.

This is our old Old OLD AND USELESS GPS unit. Although it eventually found enough satellites to triangulate and help us find the correct road to park the car on, it refused to be any help after that. Time for a new GPS unit. This one hasn’t been good for Geocaching for years anyway, since it’s precision is fairly low. It’ll get you within 10 yards or so of the cache, but after that you’re on your own! That was fine for the old ammobox caches, but not nearly precise enough for the micros people hide nowdays.

When we got to a clearing at the top we found ourselves looking over the edge of the ridge, and down onto Lake Merwin. Spectacular!

A huge vulture drifted by at eye level while we sat on the edge and ate our lunch.

Dave, playing around for the camera 🙂
Lake Merwin is HUGE! I always hear folks saying how it’s so crowded up there, but here we are on a Sunday afternoon and only a couple boats in sight. Looks like there’s room enough for everybody in the county on that lake. Then there’s Swift Reservoir right up the road.

Seems like ridge after ridge just went off into the distance forever.

Mt St Helens had a cloud cap on, preventing us from getting a good look at her. That will just give us a good reason to hike back up here.

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