3 thoughts on “Spectacular sunset for a rainy day

  1. Beautiful! Great color…I hope Alki is feeling OK. I did not know she was sick. Poor pup. Is she gonna be all set when the treatments are through? Are you going out on any trips soon? We are in Vermont getting ready to hit upstate NY. I can’t believe we are almost through August. Sigh.


  2. Alki is doing fine so far. Treatments end Monday. We will be going to the Beverly Beach rally in September, so we’re looking forward to meeting our Airstream friends at the beach for one last hurrah before winter sets in!


  3. I am so glad to hear she will be OK. Now that we have Rudy I can fully appreciate how stressful that would be. Hope your trip in September is a blast! We had 4 AS in this park where we are now (one left this morning so now we are three.) It’s the closest thing to an accidental rally we have been in. I think we may hit an AS only park in PA for Labor Day weekend though and there will be a rally there. I need to ask around on the forums and see if anyone has ever been to the park and what it is like. I have heard some of them can be a bit weird to newcomers. We shall see.


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