I’ve put off writing this for a few weeks, because I’d like it not to be true. As mentioned in the last post, we cut our vacation short to rush home because Barclay was ill. He had pancreatitis. He spent three days in the hospital, and then got to come home with lots of medicine to take, and we were able to care and love on him for a couple days, but it got worse, and we had to rush him back to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. The next day they gave us bad news, it had gotten much worse, and we had to let him go.

Barclay was such a good boy. He was mellow and easy going, so clever, and sweet, and loving. He was also a real pest, a prankster, and had a sense of humor. He loved to do bad stuff to get attention, but it was never too bad, and he got lots of attention either way. He just loved to interact. He was confident, and carefree, and loved everybody he met. He gave big slurpy kisses. He slept in the tub, but he liked to sneak up on the bed before I came to bed and lay on my pillow, where he would get cuddles before retiring to the tub.

Barclay was our ‘back up eskimo’ to help soften the blow of losing our sweet Alki. They overlapped a couple years, and he did indeed soften the blow. He was really a special boy. We loved him lots. We met Sherry at a training class where I was so surprised to find someone else who had two eskimos! We became a big happy pack, doggie sitting for each other and going to the dog park, or just hanging out. I know Scott and Sherry loved him lots too. He was a lucky dog to have so many friends.

Our ‘backup eskimo’
With his buddy Chester
Sheepherding lessons!
Keeping me company at the toy store.
At the indoor puppy park
Growing up fast next to Alki
With his buddy, Jack
With Sherry, and Sake and Sitka
At a friend’s birthday party!
Roughhousing with his new sister, Navi
Airstream Camping
Helping work the wrinkles out of my first backdrop
Playing with baby Kiwi
Acrobatic Stickball!
Not usually a lap dog
Just chillin’ on my desk
The Pack
That time he ate my new Fluxx Deck
Snuggly on my pillow
Mr Smudgy Face
Stepped away for a second, came back to find him taking over the sewing machine
In Stevenson, on the river
Slurpy kisses
Walked in to find him sitting on the kitchen table, like that’s just a normal thing you do
Having a man to man talk
Recovering from his ‘summer of seizures’
Snow day!
Standing on the end table, totally not up to something…
Busted stealing a napkin
My sweet, happy boy

Barclay was super smart, and while I was training him, he was often training me! Usually he would have us well trained before I even realized it. He had stretched out his bedtime cookie (originally a reward for coming inside) into 3-4 cookies at bedtime!

For almost 13 years he was my Best Boy. The house seems so empty without him causing trouble and stealing things out of the recycling bin, or getting up in places he’s not supposed to be up on. Life with him was a constant surprise. He made us laugh all the time. Sweet Navi now has to get used to going for walks without him to give her confidence and take all the petting from the neighborhood kids.

They say every owner gets the dog they deserve. I’m sure I didn’t do anything to deserve such a wonderful boy. Rest in peace, sweet Mr Barclay.

2 thoughts on “Barclay

  1. Sherry, Scott, Sitka & Sake

    What wonderful memories. You and Dave are such awesome fur baby parents. We loved Sir Barclay/Mr. B so very much and will miss him lots.


  2. Diana L Allen & Joseph L Allen

    Wonderful pictures of a very special dog. I am so happy that he brought joy to your life. Dogs are with us for only a short time, but in that time, they can fill a lifetime of memories.
    Sierra American Eskimo Dogs


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